The Young Green Stars (YGS) is a gathering of kids and teenagers that will belong to the YGS club in their respective schools.


  1. A “Learn and Act” series will be organized in prospective schools to educate pupils, students and teachers on the importance of environmental sustainability and how it applies to them.
  2. Learning materials will include animation illustration flyers for the Learn and Act series and a free picture/Animation guide book for club members.
  3. In schools where the series has been organized, prospective club members will register their intention to join the club at the beginning of each academic term.
  1. Club members will be tasked with carrying out various actions and projects in their schools, as illustrated by their guide books.
    1. Information will be gathered during and after each series by the M&E team to ensure proper monitoring and subsequent periodic evaluation of clubs.
    2. Each school with an established club will have a Teacher Ambassador who will serve not only as an Ambassador to the initiative, but also as a liaison between the school’s club and the initiative to ease monitoring and evaluation, and aid sustainability.