The Green Trade Fair is an annual event which will serve as a platform to bring together businesses that advance the cause of sustainable green environment in diverse manners, in a co-creation space where innovations, trends and best practices can be shared.

The Green Trade Fair will also offer an opportunity to businesses active in the sustainability space to showcase their products, services, processes and other offerings that contribute to a greener earth.

Other stakeholders such as suppliers, consumers, industry analysts, environmental advocates and sustainability enthusiasts would also be present to engage the businesses, thereby creating potential markets and furthering the conversation around practices that make our environment safer and the planet more sustainable.

The following are some of the benefits that participants in the Green Trade Fair stand to gain:
  1. A platform for free publicity and brand awareness of their businesses.
  2. Opportunities to forge advantageous business partnerships with suppliers and consumers of their products and services.
  3. Exposure to cutting edge sustainable practices being adopted by similar businesses.
  4. Innovative exhibitions that have the potential to spark great business ideas.
  5. The overarching aim of the Green Trade Fair is to unite disparate environmentally friendly businesses in a single voice in the march for a sustainable green environment, by shining the spotlight on their activities. This is underscored by our belief in the power of concerted efforts and we hope to exploit the strength available in diversity.