Competition is organized periodically with each challenge topic based on one of our six campaigns at a time. Challenges will include environmentally sustainable actions and/or ideas. Stay tuned on any of our Social media handle. Don’t miss it!

The outlined procedure of this program is as stated below;
  • The motive of the challenge is geared towards instigating the target audience to learn more through personal research on challenge topic and think creatively on the subject area.
  • Competition materials include digital flyers and animation illustrations are published for the general public.
  • There will be one lucky winner/business per competition awarded.
  • Criteria for the selection of the winner will be determined by pre-listed criteria and judged by professional jury of Five(5) on a campaign-by-campaign basis.
  • Challenge topics that are idea-based will require proper planning and implementation of the winning idea.
  • Challenge topics that are action-based will be judged based on dedication and attention to detail.
  • Challenge will be followed up for proper monitoring and replication.
  • Information gathered during and after each challenge by the used by Monitoring and Evaluation team to ensure proper monitoring and subsequent periodic evaluation of actions and replicas