In line with SGE Initiative’s aim of reaching and impacting ten million (10,000,000) people within the next five (5) years on climate change mitigation and adaptation through sustainability in the natural and built environment, the SGE Ambassadorship program will seek to scale the impact of the Initiative.


This program is an offshoot of the workshops, seminars and conferences. Through the training given to participants in these programs, participants who are willing to volunteer would take on projects that represent the movement of the Initiative and replicate them in their individual areas of influence. The participants will be known as the SGE Ambassadors and may be individuals, groups of individuals, organisations or institutions.



These projects executed by ambassadors will be monitored and controlled through the Quality Control unit of the Initiative, and Ambassadors would be awarded a Green Star rating based on the performance rating of the project executed. The project executed will be registered via SGE App and every activity report will be uploaded including pictures and video based evidences to showcase executed projects. Ambassadors are encouraged to create a network of volunteers who will help foster the cause towards achieving more projects.​