Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) play a significant role in realising the development ambitions of a capitalist economy. Therefore, as an important driver of development, it is pertinent that the processes and practices of SMEs conform to improving sustainable environment standards and play a crucial role in promoting the green agenda.


The Green Entrepreneur is an annual scheme which aims to facilitate the communication and exchange of knowledge on climate change adaptation, mitigation and impact reduction in the natural and built environment, among budding entrepreneurs. Emphasis is placed on the impact of knowledge in driving change. The focal point of the scheme will be entrepreneurship, creative art workshops and training that encourage the use of green material and sustainability of the environment.


During The Green Entrepreneur program, opportunities will be given to Green Businesses to pitch their ideas and the best three SME start-ups every year will be awarded grants. The following are benefits for participants in the Green Entrepreneur program:

  1. Start-up Grant for the best three (3) innovative Green Businesses every year.
  2. Free Workshop for Two Hundred and Fifty young entrepreneurs with Green Business ideas.
  3. Free Hands-on Training for Two Hundred and Fifty young entrepreneurs with Green Business ideas.
  4. Networking opportunity with Influencers, Dignitaries and Co-Entrepreneurs in the Green Space.

The program aims to develop Sustainability-oriented entrepreneurs by equipping them with resources, knowledge, skills and experience, as well as exposing them to opportunities, with the overarching goal of adopting processes and practices that will help preserve and enrich the natural and built environment.