Higher Institutions SVG-01

This program is a subset of the African Network of Green Ambassadors Seminars will be organized per institution of learning, with speakers and facilitators (experts in sustainable environment drawn from the institution, partners and members of the initiative) lecturing and discussing topics related to departments and faculties of participants in relation to environmental sustainability.


  • Educate participants on the SDGs,
  • Climate change and environmental sustainability, and the importance of these subject topics on the human race,
  • The environment, their prospective fields and industries.
  • Seminars will be followed by a project to be undertaken in the institution’s environment, based on one of the initiative’s eight campaigns.
  • The purpose of this is to leave a lasting touch and constant reminder of environmental sustainability.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to compete in the project idea for their institutions. The winning idea will guarantee the winner as an Sustainable Green Environment Ambassador in the institution.
  • Relevant data will be collected by the Monitoring and Evaluation team during and after each seminar to aid monitoring, feedback management, review and replication.
  • Student Ambassadors of institutions will be mentored in their careers and will have the opportunity to be Full Ambassadors after their studentship