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  • Make Lasting Impact: No renewal required, become a Climate actor through our Activator Networks.
  • Boost Your Career: Unlock exclusive internship opportunities and gain valuable volunteering experience.
  • Expand Your Network: Connect with like-minded individuals and industry leaders passionate about sustainability.


$50 $15/Year
  • Volunteer Membership Benefits Plus: Elevate your membership experience with all the perks of our volunteer membership.
  • Recognize Your Commitment: Receive a Membership Certificate valid for the membership yea
  • Boost Your Expertise: Access a wide range of courses and events to upskill and build professional sustainability skills—for FREE/at a discount.
  • Shape the Future: Serve and feature on core program teams and thematic tracks, driving meaningful change.
  • Gain Mentorship and Referrals: Access a network of experts and receive mentorship, referrals, and guidance.


$250 $100/Year
  • Corporate Membership Benefits Plus: Enjoy all the benefits of our esteemed corporate membership.
  • Reach New Heights: Earn the honorary fellow award and distinguish yourself as a sustainability leader.
  • Certified Sustainability Consultant: Elevate your career by becoming a certified sustainability consultant. Our specialized training and mentorship program will equip you with the expertise and recognition you need to excel in this field.
  • Community Collaboration: Join our supportive community of sustainability professionals for knowledge exchange and collaborative projects. Benefit from a network that empowers you to make a meaningful impact in the world of sustainability.
  • Seize Global Opportunities: Stay ahead with alerts on global sustainability initiatives and openings
  • Access Elite Events: Receive special invitations to high-level events and engage with top industry influencers.
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