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And it shall be called….TAS MOVEMENT. The movement to move movements! THINK Green. ACT Green. SUSTAIN Green. The modalities of achieving a sustainable green environment is such that can not be overemphasized. Indeed, the earth will breathe a sigh of relief if it could, if one out of every three individuals can consciously make an effort towards environmental sustainability in their habits and everyday affairs.These desire(s) birthed the TAS movement, which is the sum total of our objectives;1. Creating awareness of the essentials of sustainable green environment for a transformational change in the impact of climate change (.a.k.a. THINK GREEN)2. Sensitizing young people and professionals on how to drive a cause towards sustainable environment adoption (a.k.a. ACT GREEN)3. Participating in the collective effort towards achieving a sustainable Natural and Built environment (a.k.a. SUSTAIN GREEN)#sustainability #green #environment #climatechange Want to learn more? On how you can be a part of the…

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